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Solar Questions & AnswersHow much can solar power save me and what are the benefits.

Can I really lower my electricity bill?

Did you know electric companies increase costs on average 3-20% per year depending on your state? You can get solar installed for as little as $0 money down and start saving 65-80% on your monthly electric bills immediately.

Is it possible to sell my extra power?

When your solar panels are generating more power than you need for your house, you can sell the extra power back to the electricity grid and earn money from the electric companies. Some households earn as much as $3,000 dollars per year extra.

Does solar add value to my house?

House buyers want solar, in fact, houses with solar panels not only sell faster than their neighbor's homes, but solar panels also add a great deal of real value to your house & it's future sales price. It's been found home buyers pay a premium for solar.

I heard there are tax rebates?

Yes, the US government is currently offering 30% tax credit to homes that add solar panels. You can even qualify for additional local tax incentives and rebates, the time to go solar is now!

Are solar installations expensive?

Not anymore, most states now have what are known as "$0 money down solar programs" available? Depending on your area of the country you may qualify for a $0 money down full solar installation.

How will solar panels look?

The days of clunky unpleasant looking solar panels are gone, our new designs are sleek, modern, and compliment the style and look of your house, plus they'll raise your house's value!